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Donate your waste

We’re always on the lookout for new waste materials. If your business is throwing something away that you think could be reused, drop us a line - you can send us a picture or even let us come take a look at your refuse area. 

People are often surprised by what we'll take!


Why Donate to Us? 

Donating your waste to be used by the community benefits both the environment and community groups.

This unique waste solution genuinely helps people in and around Sheffield, providing affordable resources for schools, colleges, families and many others. 

We regularly collect from businesses in and around Sheffield and could add you to the route. 

We genuinly want your waste - we're not looking for hand-outs or freebies, we want the things you're not able to sell or re-use!

What we do and dont want: 

We genuinely do want your waste - the offcuts, interesting packaging, surplus stock or end of line. 


Card, fabric, paper, leather, wood, paint (unopened), plastic, foam, netting, canvas, string, rope, cones, tubes, reels, cable drums, parachute/ tent/ awning material, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, old fashioned telephones, keyboards, promotional stuff, containers, tubs, buckets, hosing, tubing....


Well there's not a stuff we wont take - chemicals, cleaning products, things that can not be lifted by 2 people etc. Items that won't fit in a car... not sure? get in touch! 

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Drop off or collect!

You can drop it off at our shop at 204 Verdon Street during our regular opening hours. We may be able to collect for free either as a one off or regular collection. Give us a call, email us, find us on social media. 

Lets make change a together!
Get in touch! 


204 Verdon St


S3 9QS

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